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Aside from this I have a feeling there’ll be A LOT of rogues now around… I feel like heading resto druid or
wow classic gold disc priest for PvP but will the rogues ruin it completely? Starting as mage will give me a sense of which direction WoW Classic is going and a better hands on expertise in relation to which courses seems the most attractive to me.Next issue is that faction to perform .

Per usual I’d go horde without a query… but I may have thought of a special macro that is what I believe to be borderline divided.

I have not analyzed it yet but it is going to only work on Night Elfs in case it will work… which all of sudden make everything very complicated in regards to getting primarily horde chars and creating a mage char to
cheap wow classic gold farm gold that can not send the gold to my Night Elf druid xD to my comprehension that you wont be able to cover a faction shift or have horde and alliance chars on the same server such as back in the old days. .

So I can not even perform a”quick fix” via the gadgetzan AH and cope with all the 15% fee… ARHH I am so excited for WoW Classic coming out, but figuring out what I’m gont do would be a nightmare.

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